Dear American,
Frankly, and I'm not too good at speaking otherwise, like most Americans I am just fed up with the political 'band aids' that are sold to the American Public as a cure for the cancerous 'tumor' that is destroying our country.  This book is over 40 years in the making.   Forty years of experience with America's privileged class.  It was one thing when they continued to destroy our justice system; but they're not stopping there.  This book is self published and sold at cost.   No publisher, editor, creative people or research departments.  No book signings or advertising budget or fullfillment centers.  Just the same odds that some other crazy people had 240 years ago.  So call me crazy; I love the company...
This may be the most important and enlightening political book you have ever read.  Hope you agree.
Thank You for your interest.  Please spread the word.  Good Luck & Good Health.
F.William Houraney - April 5, 2016
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